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My Head and Shoulders


I am a semi-retired financial professional. While I no longer manage investments I still help people with their insurance needs. Life, Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drug plans.

Being semi-retired, I don't have to try and hammer every single person I talk to into buying a policy from me. I'm not one of those people at the end of an 800 number insurance mill line who has to pressure people into buying just to feed his/her family! Know what I mean?

Some people I can help and we will do business together. Other people I can't help and that is OK too! Wouldn't it be nice to not be pressured? Of course it would!

I'll never understand it 100% but it's much, much clearer to me now.

Phil was extremely helpful and very accommodating. Made this chore much easier.

Kathy M Guminski KY

He was friendly and made everything easy to understand. I knew exactly what to expect.

Sharon MI

I find Phil to be very knowledgeable in the Medicare field. He’s a great guy to talk with too.

Janet VA