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My Head and Shoulders


I am a semi-retired financial professional. While I no longer manage investments I still help people with their insurance needs. Life, Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drug plans.

Being semi-retired, I don't have to try and hammer every single person I talk to into buying a policy from me. I'm not one of those people at the end of an 800 number insurance mill line who has to pressure people into buying just to feed his/her family! Know what I mean?

Some people I can help and we will do business together. Other people I can't help and that is OK too! Wouldn't it be nice to not be pressured? Of course it would!

I find Phil to be very knowledgeable in the Medicare field. He’s a great guy to talk with too.

Janet Gunther VA

Very easy to understand thank you.

You're very helpful and help explain everything without making a person feel inadequate

Ramona Soutar Florida

You made it easy to undertand and took time to explain process

Your very easy going and make clients feel comfotable. Very knowledgeable on information. Takes his time with clients to help them undertand how the process works.

Bonnie M Dibble MI