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As the only Master Certified HS Dent Advisor in Kalamazoo, we take great pride in our relationship with Harry, Rodney and the rest of the Dent organization. We believe that edcation is key to understanding the world around us, financially and otherwise. We want to thank Harry and Rodney for making these great educational videos available. To view any of the videos simply click on the title. Please let us know if have any questions about the topics covered! 

Newest Video From Rodney Johnson and HS Dent 

State of the States by Rodney Johnson

Highlights from previous Reames Financial/HS Dent events 

Harry Dent speaking in Kalamazoo in March of 2009


A Word About Forecasting by Rodney Johnson


The Basics of HS Dent by Rodney Johnson 

Predictable Spending Patterns by Rodney Johnson

Immigration Adjusted Birth Index by Rodney Johnson

The Spending Wave by Rodney Johnson

The Four Seasons of the Economy by Harry Dent

Debt and Deflation

Deflation and Winter by Harry Dent

Demographics and Inflation

Debt and Deflation

Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators #1 Oscillators by Harry Dent

Technical Indicators #2 Trader Sentiment by Harry Dent

Technical Indicators #3 Broad Investor Sentiment by Harry Dent

The S Curve by Harry Dent

Additional Economic Topics

New! Understanding Emerging Countries Part 1 by Harry Dent

New! Understanding Emerging Countries Part 2 by Harry Dent

The Banking Sector Meltdown by Harry Dent

The Story of the Bailout by Rodney Johnson

What Happened to Dow 35,000 by Harry Dent

Comparing to Japan by Harry Dent